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Pay your utility bills online - click on the graphic to log in

Pay traffic citations online - click on the graphic to login

Click to Gov Utility Bill Payment

Click to Gov Traffic Fine Payment

In order to use our online utility billing service, you need your current bill. The bill date and account number is directly below the service address on the top of your bill.

You must create an account to pay online. Click here to create an account to pay your utility bill online. 

For security we do not release account numbers over the phone. 


Please notify if you have any suggestions or comments about this service. Citizens can view comprehensive, up-to-date account information, billing history, and service and consumption summaries.


System Features

Payment history — View customer payment history, including pending payments.

Electronic bill presentment and payment — Enable customers to pay bills online with a major credit card or your checking account.

Customer account information — View customer account information, including account status and balance, last bill sent, and last payment received.

Consumption summary information — Display consumption summary information for each meter, including last reading, average daily usage, and period usage.

Consumption summary graphs — Generate customer consumption graphs by period for the last three years.

Customer billing history — View customer billing history, including bill date, due date, balance forward, current charges, and total billed amount.

Customer service summary — View customer service summary information, including the service status, the start and stop dates, and the average charge based on the previous 12 months.

Service summary graphs — Display in graph format the last 12 billing amounts.

Customer billing statement — View a customer billing statement that provides a detailed reading and charges for a specific bill. Print all payments received for any specific period of time.


After you have read the following instructions, click here to go to the online courts payment screen.  To pay traffic citations online, choose one of the options from the drop down menu. Once you select your option, you will get a login box to put the required information.

Please notify or call (936) 633-0315 if you have any questions or comments. This is a secure site and no one will be able to read your information other than authorized City of Lufkin Personnel. You can view citations by category. Categories include ticket number, case number, payment plan number and other options. You may pay citations one at a time or pay multiple citations with one payment. Payments can be made through secure Internet credit card payment services.

Note: If you are searching for a ticket number that begins with “T” it must be entered as follows. Example: T000012345 ticket number must be searched in this manner Example: T012345. Do not enter all the zeros in the search field.

Payment confirmation — Payee will be notified instantly when payment is approved.

Having trouble accessing your account?  Email

If you are having trouble or have questions on how the Online Courts works email

If you are having trouble logging in, email our Webmaster. However, we will list common problems and solutions on this page.

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