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Lufkin Fire established an Honor Guard in 2011 to provide a service to the community and to honor fallen firefighters. The guard participates in ceremonies providing casket watches for fallen firefighters, escorting family members of fallen firefighters and first responders, posting of colors at various events, displaying colors during parades, and providing a variety of other services to the community upon request. Honor Guards were established to stand watch over fallen firefighters. The bodies of firefighters that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and died in “The line of duty” are under guard and not left alone until burial. It is with great pride and honor that we can provide this service. Our dedicated members are Captain Dustin Ledford, Captain Bill Wafer, Captain Duane Turner, Captain Brad Ehrlich, Captain Ozzie Jarman, Lieutenant Joe Burton, Lieutenant John Rawls, Lieutenant Jeff Barker, Firefighter Jonathan Hammond, and Firefighter Mack Grace.


Lufkin Fire Honor guard realized the need for a personnel transport van after several years of being deployed to multiple locations all over the state of Texas. The van would need to be large enough to hold ten to twelve members with gear along with flags and honor guard tools such as chrome axes and pike poles. The team dreamed of a van that would be functional, representing the department and city in a positive light. The van would need to be comfortable for the crew to spend many hours on the road but tough enough to haul a trailer when needed. Taking all this into account, the team begins to look at ways to fund this van completely independent of the city's budget. With most of the team not knowing where to begin with such a daunting task of raising $35,000 to $40,000, Lieutenant Jeff Barker suggested writing a grant. Lt. Jeff Barker without hesitation began gathering needed information and set out to find an organization to help us make our dream a reality. With some help from the Lufkin Citizens Fire Academy Lt. Barker presented the team with a completed grant request for the Kurth Foundation asking for $40,883. Not only did the team think this was a long shot, if granted we figured it would only be for a partial amount; leaving us to raise the rest. Fortunately (to our complete shock and surprise) the Kurth Foundation not only approved the grant, they gave us the entire amount requested. Extremely humbled and thankful, the team set out to design a vehicle that would convey our dedication to keeping traditions alive in the fire service. Everyone involved in the design and construction of the van was extremely helpful, always making sure they expressed their excitement for what we where doing for our fallen brothers and sisters. So much so, when it came time to outfit the van with decals, all manpower hours and materials where donated; resulting in zero cost to the team. We would like to thank all of the employees at On Site Decals for their generosity and superb quality
We would love to never have to attend or assist in another line of duty death service, unfortunately, we know we will continue to be needed. Knowing we are readily available to respond at a moments notice, with team and gear all together in one vehicle makes our job much easier. Being able to show the family and other departments that the City of Lufkin supports our efforts in making sure their loved ones are treated with the respect, dignity and the honor they deserve for a life of service is priceless.

Thank you Lt. Barker for your hard work and dedication.
Thank you to the Kurth Foundation for your generosity and support.
Thank you to everyone who made this dream a reality.

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