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External Links Policy


The City of Lufkin will consider requests for links to any site that, in the City’s opinion, provides useful resources consistent with the City’s mission, which is to provide for safe, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the citizens of Lufkin.

Any links must meet the following criteria:

The link must be to the official site of a government entity, a public or private organization whose work is generally recognized as being relevant to and consistent with the City’s mission as expressed in the mission and vision statement.

Sites whose content is commercial or political in nature or whose content is not primarily service related will not be accepted.


Sites should not easily link (i.e., a site is linked from the index of a requesting site’s home page) to inappropriate sites (e.g., information regarding illegal activities or pornography, or sites with excessive negative commentary).


Sites should not contain content written by many different people (e.g., student sites, chat rooms, interactive bulletin boards, etc.) which are not properly moderated or edited by the host.

Mutual links are quick and easy ways for Web users to gain information of shared interest. They do not imply an endorsement of any particular policies, programs, services, or products by the City of Lufkin.


Any site that links to the resources of any of the City of Lufkin websites must do so without encapsulating the the City of Lufkin page in their frames or any other method that inserts the City of Lufkin resource within their page .  This is necessary to prevent the addition of commercial or unwanted material on the page.


Sites are encouraged to link to pages not specific media resources such as streaming videos.  If it is necessary to link directly to a media resource, the site must contact the City of Lufkin Webmaster and request permission.  The site making the link must clearly state on their webpage that the resource is coming from  


While requests to link with the City of Lufkin web site will be considered using these guidelines, the City of Lufkin reserves the right to refuse links and to initiate links to other than requesting sites.  The City of Lufkin will make such modifications of these guidelines as are deemed appropriate. Such modifications will be posted on this web page.


To request a link, email the


When a request to link is received, the City of Lufkin will review the site against its adopted criteria and will notify the requesting sponsor if its material is accepted. Any decision to link must be approved by the Director of Information Technology and the City Manager.

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