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The City of Lufkin now offers glass recycling

The City of Lufkin in conjunction with Angelina Beautiful Clean now is providing recycling of glass to Lufkin residents. A drop off bin is located at the City's Recycling Center in South Park for citizens to leave clean glass jars and bottles.


This is a great way to continue to keep the city and Angelina County a great place to live.


The City of Lufkin has a campaign to deter people and businesses from littering.

Purple signs reading "Purple Pride Do Not Litter," are placed around Lufkin, warning people they can receive fines up to $500 if they are caught littering.

"With all of the positive things happening in Lufkin, we don't want to get bogged down with unsightly trash blowing along our roadways and clogging up our drainage ditches,."

City Manager Keith Wright, who had the idea for the campaign back in 2009, said that "we have a real litter problem in the community," and says he sees these signs, along with substantial fines, as a way to keep the city of Lufkin litter-free.




All you have to do is call the City at 633-0281 or click on Select Your Carts and let us know you want to recycle. 

After signing up, all you have to do is continue placing your blue cart curbside by 7 a.m. on your regular collection day. If you requested a larger blue cart, crews will switch out the carts after they have been emptied, so please leave your cart curbside until 5 p.m.


 We’re calling this campaign GO GREEN and GET BLUE. “Go green” by choosing to recycle, which not only helps the environment but also has an economic impact on the community. “Go blue” by contacting us to make sure you have a blue cart.

 Recycling is easy. All you have to do is place cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, steel cans and plastic bottles and jugs inside your blue cart. The material doesn’t have to be separated, but we do ask you to rinse out bottles and cans and make sure there’s no food or other contaminates on any of the material. Then just roll the cart to the curb on collection day... and we’ll do the rest.


The GO GREEN and GET BLUE campaign is designed to eliminate contamination from the recycling stream. Too many households in the past have used their blue carts for regular household garbage. Dirty diapers, rotten food, dead animals and other nasty stuff contaminate the recycling stream. The good work of thousands of households can be ruined by those who don’t recycle correctly.  Read the editorial in the Lufkin Daily News.



So make the switch today! Call 633-0281 or click the link above and CHOOSE TO RECYCLE!


We appreciate the support of our community partners!







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