Help Assess and Respond to Recent Disasters: Report Damages with iStat Tool

TDEM iStat - CopyRecent weather events have brought flooding, high winds, and fallen trees and power lines, impacting our community and prompting a disaster declaration from the State of Texas. In light of these challenges, the Texas Department of Emergency Management is seeking assistance from residents in the City of Lufkin to report any damages they have experienced.

The iStat Tool survey aims to gather crucial information about the extent of damages caused by the recent natural disasters. By reporting damages, residents can help state and local emergency management officials better understand the situation and allocate resources effectively.

Residents are encouraged to submit one survey per impacted address. While reporting damages to the state is voluntary and does not guarantee disaster relief assistance, it plays a vital role in aiding emergency responders and authorities in their mitigation efforts.

Please remember that reporting damages to the state is not a replacement for contacting your insurance agency. If your property has been affected, it's important to notify your insurance provider as well.

To report damages, please visit: Report Damage Here

Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated and will contribute to a better understanding of the impacts of recent natural disasters. Together, we can work towards a swift and effective response to support our community's recovery efforts.

For further information or inquiries, please contact the Texas Department of Emergency Management.