The Ellen Trout Zoo receives support in many ways.  Below are some of the ways that you can help your Zoo.  Be sure and check out the FOETZ Brochure and the FOETZ Membership Information fact sheet!

For more information on Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo and the above programs, call 936-633-0399 or stop by the zoo at 402 Zoo Circle, Lufkin, TX 75904.

Support the Zoo

How can you support the Ellen Trout Zoo?
Join Friends of the Ellen Trout Zoo!

As a member, you will receive

  • Free admission to the Zoo
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • Invitation to Special Members' Party
  • Invitation to other special events 
  • Discounts in gift shop
  • Membership card for free admission or discounts to over a hundred other ZOOS (click to view list of participating zoos across the country)

I want to help our Zoo:

Individua $25.00
Family $40.00 (children at home under 18 Years)
Grandparents $40.00 (grandchildren under 18 Years)
Tiger (Patron) $100.00 (plus additional benefits)
Giraffe (Benefactor) $200.00 (plus additional benefits)
Corporate $250.00 (plus additional benefits)
Hippopotamus $500.00 (plus additional benefits)
White Rhino $2000.00 (plus additional benefits)
Matching Fund Gift Programs Welcomed
Gorilla Forest Reserve Fund (GFR)
The new exhibit for gorillas is an important feature of the zoo and provides the only opportunity to see, appreciate and learn about these wonderful animals in our region. By contributing to the GFR, you can help support this part of the master plan.