Lost Pets

It is imperative to visit the animal shelter in person. Additional tools you can also use to locate your animal are 24petconnect.com & Kurth Memorial Animal Services Facebook. Not every animal will be on these media platforms, so that is why it is essential to come look in person. Holding periods are very short, and some sick, injured, and feral animals may only be held for hours. It is recommended you visit the shelter daily for a lost pet.

Still Can't Find your Pet? Here are some other measures you can take to help you get your pet back home:

  • Don't Give up! Post your pets on your personal social media accounts with photos and a description of the animal. Also include the location where the animal went missing. We recommend posting daily.
  • Post your pet on all local Lufkin and East Texas lost and found pet pages on Facebook
  • Post flyers around your neighborhood and on Craigslist
  • Talk with your neighbors to see if anyone has seen your pet
  • Keep checking the shelter daily! This is very important
  • Check with local veterinarians to see if anyone brought your animal in
  • Report and distribute flyers with a photo of your missing pet to the shelter, veterinarians, rescue groups, and police department

Critical preventative measures to take to keep your pet from going missing:

  • Keep current photos of your pet, full-body shots, side and front profiles
  • Keep a collar and ID tag on your pet, as well as a rabies tag
  • Microchip your animal and keep the information on the chip up to date
  • Keep fences maintained so pets don't escape

Dogs and cats can become disoriented when they go missing from your home. Dogs can roam for many miles outside of their home territory, and cats can hide for weeks. Don't give up your search. It can take weeks to months to find a missing animal.

Found Pets

Many strays are owned by someone, so don’t assume the pet you find has been abandoned by its owner.

  • Check with your neighbors to see if they are missing a pet
  • Advertise the animal on social media sites. Give a basic description but withhold some specific details so that you may question callers to ensure you are returning the animal to the right owner
  • If it does not have a collar with tags, take the pet to a veterinarian's office or the shelter so that it can be scanned for a microchip. Microchips can be traced through national registries that maintain the owner’s contact information
  • Check with local shelters to see if the pet was reported missing, and leave your contact information
  • If you can’t keep the pet in your home, take it to the animal shelter and provide the shelter workers with as much detail as you can about where you found the animal
  • If you live inside the city limits of Lufkin, you can call animal services at 936-633-0218 and request the animal to be picked up