As a homeowner can I be my own contractor and do I need a building permit?
Yes! The building code allows a homeowner to perform construction work on their own home provided they obtain a building permit and comply with all codes.
What information do I need to provide the city in order to obtain a building permit?
  • Address of Property
  • Name, address, and phone number of owner.
  • Site plan with lot dimensions.
  • Floor plan showing existing and proposed changes.
  • Total value of work to be performed.
  • Name of electrician, plumber, A/C contractors.
When must I pull a permit and how long does it take for a building permit to be approved?
A permit must be pulled when doing any construction work within the city limits. This includes roofing, storage buildings, fences, signs, carports, etc. If you are not sure if you need a permit, please call our office at 936/633-0248. Most building permits will be approved within 3-5 working days. Large residential or commercial projects may take longer depending on the size and detail of the individual project.
As a business owner or rental property owner can I do plumbing, air conditioning, or electrical work on my property?
No! The city ordinances and building codes require that only licensed professionals perform this work.
What is a code enforcement violation?
Code enforcement inspects the outside appearance of structures and how property is maintained. Violations can include junked vehicles, unsightly conditions, weeded lots, dilapidated buildings, sewer/water leaks, inoperable vehicles, stagnant water, zoning violations, and general code violations of tree limbs, appliances, clutter, etc.
How do I file a complaint regarding weeded lots or trashy conditions around a house?
Call the Inspection Services Department at (936) 633-0298. Your complaint can be filed over the phone or you may file a complaint by filling out the appropriate form and submitting it online.