How do I determine the zoning district classification of my property?
Call the Planning Department and provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Address
  • Legal description of the property- Lot, Block and Subdivision or Survey name and tract number
  • Size of the lot or tract
  • Name of previous owner if purchased in the last year
What type of sign may I place on my property?
Generally speaking, the sign must be on the same lot as the establishment for which it advertises.
Where on my property may an allowed sign be located?

An allowed sign may be placed anywhere on private property provided it does not extend into any public right-of-way, inhibit the use of an easement or impair the visibility of a vehicle driver at street or driveway intersections. There is no height or size limitation unless the property is in a “Planned Unit Development”, “Office” “Adaptive Reuse Office” or “Restrictive Professional Office” zoning district classification. Restrictions may also apply if the property is part of a shopping center that is four acres in size or greater.

Do I need a license to operate a business in Lufkin?

The City of Lufkin does not license businesses, however, peddlers and vendors are required to obtain a permit from the City Secretary.

May I operate a business out of my home, and do I need any type of permit?
Certain types of businesses may be operated outside of a home. Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance for details concerning types of “Customary Home Occupations” that are allowed and their limitations.
Must I place my house, accessory building or fence a certain distance from my property line?
Yes, the Zoning Ordinance requires varying setbacks from all property lines based on several factors that include:

  • The zoning district classification of your property;
  • The zoning district classification of the property (ies) next to yours;
  • The zoning district classification (s)
  • The type of structure (house, accessory building or fence) proposed;
  • The location of your lot in relation to abutting streets;
  • Please contact the planning department for specific information regarding your situation if you have questions.
Does the city regulate "Garage or Yard Sales"?
If the sale is located on residential zoned property, the tenants may offer their personal belongings and household effects for sale to the general public provided such sales are not conducted on the same lot for more than three days (whether consecutive or not) during any 90 day period.
How long does it take to complete a zoning district classification change or approval of a special use permit, and do I get a refund if my request is not approved?
There are two application deadlines scheduled each month. It is the goal of the Planning Department to complete the process within 45 to 60 days of the application deadline. State laws require mailed notification of these cases to property owners within 200 feet and also notice in the news paper in advance of public hearings by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council which are also required by state law.
Is there a fee for changing the zoning district classification or a special use permit, and do I get a refund if my request is not approved?
There is a $150 application fee for both zoning district classification changes and special use permits. Unfortunately, there are no refunds. The application fees are designed only to recover a portion of the costs of required notifications.