This chart is intended to help determine what uses are permitted in each zoning classification.  It also includes the parking standards for each use.

The first column is a list of proposed uses within the City of Lufkin followed by the zoning classifications in the remaining columns.  To use this chart you will find the proposed us in the first column and read across to the appropriate zoning classification.

If there is a check in the box then that use is permitted in that zoning district.  If there is a "SU" in the box it means that the proposed use is permitted in that zoning district if a Special Use Permit is obtained.

If the box is blank then under the current zoning classification the proposed use is not permitted.  At this point you should contact the Planning Department (936-633-0247), to inquire about a zone change.

You can download the Permitted Use Chart in PDF format from the Download page. Please contact our office individual charts for each zoning classification.