Click here for a copy of the Zoning Ordinance

Each property located within the City of Lufkin has a zoning designation that determines the uses that are permitted on that property.  There is an official zoning map (located in Room 255 at City Hall) and a zoning ordinance that work together. The map determines the zoning locations and the ordinance addresses the regulations that apply to each zoning category.

The Zoning Ordinance provides the following information for each zoning classification:

  • The permitted uses
  • The minimum area of the lot
  • The setback (from property lines) requirements
  • The maximum height of the structures
  • The minimum depth of the lot
  • The minimum area of the dwelling

The Zoning Ordinance also regulates exceptions to the requirements  and supplemental development regulations which includes the landscaping requirements.

An application can be made to change the zoning on any piece of property within the city if the proposed use is not permitted under the current zoning. You may download a Rezoning Application in PDF format or pick one up at City Hall, Room 255.

There may be cases where the proposed use requires a Special Use Permit to be allowed under the current zoning classification.  If the Special Use Permit is granted by the Planning and Zoning Commission then the current zoning will remain the same with the Special Use also being permitted.

If you would like a copy of the Zoning Ordinance you can download a free PDF from the menu.