Burning Inside Lufkin City Limits
Residents who wish to burn yard waste must follow these rules regarding the legal burning within Lufkin city limits.
  • ONLY brush and vegetation grown on the property can be burned (fallen limbs, pine straw, leaves and cut grass).
  • You CANNOT burn trash, plastic, rubber, tires or even lumber.
  • All fires must be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished.
  • You must have a water hose or another way to put the fire out readily available.
  • If smoke is getting into another home or building you will have to extinguish your fire.
  • You cannot burn if the wind is less than 6 miles per hour or greater than 23 mph.
  • You cannot burn within 50 feet of a structure (houses, storage buildings, carports and even a wood fence is considered a structure).
  • The earliest you can start burning is 1 hour after daylight and your fire must be completely out at least one hour before dark.
  • NEVER burn outdoors during a BURN BAN.
  • Land clearing operations require a permit.
*Download the Fire Marshal's Controlled Burn Form..

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