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Sewer Collections
Phone Number: 936-633-0230
Emergency Number: 936-633-0356
after 5:00 pm daily or on weekends

SewerCollection04aThe City of Lufkin Sewer Collection Department maintains 266 miles of sewer lines containing 3,529 manholes and approximately 12,313 service connections. Included in this is the operation of 25 lift stations throughout the city’s jurisdiction. Maintenance of these sewer lines and lift stations are done through a variety of methods which includes routine manhole inspections and possible line replacement. Often, if a sewer line becomes blocked the department will use a Jet Machine to unplug the line. This consists of using high pressure water to remove the blockage. However, if a pipe is collapsed, a TV camera run up the line may be used to locate the problem. If you experience a sewer stoppage at your residence or business, please call the Sewer Collection Department first at 936-633-0230. We will determine the cause of the stoppage and who is responsible for repairs. You are responsible for the sewer service line between your building and the City’s sewer main. Procedures to follow when you experience a sewer stoppage are given in the Sewer Stoppage Memo.

SewerCollection01aThe City is currently involved in an Inflow & Infiltration Study. An I & I Study is basically a study of how non-sanitary water, such as storm water runoff, penetrates the sanitary sewer system. As part of the study, you may see the Sewer Collection Department conducting smoke testing on the City’s Sanitary Sewer System. This is a method of testing sewer lines by using a smoke blowing machine. The smoke flows through the lines and will show indications of a broken sewer line. The smoke will exit the sewer main line then out of the ground where infiltration of storm water runoff can occur. When smoke is exiting the vents upon the roof of a building it reveals the private service is working properly. If smoke appears inside the building it reveals there is a problem in the plumbing of the structure and needs immediate attention. Where smoke can travel, sewer gas can also. When conducting a smoke test in any given area, citizens will be notified at there homes, or a door hanger will be put on their door to inform them that smoke testing is being performed. Once areas of infiltration are identified and repaired, this will reduce the amount of water in the sanitary sewer system, and help in the reduction of treatment at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.