Sewer Collection FAQs

What does "Sewer Rehabilitation (Rehab)" mean?
"Rehab" means we repair or replace sewer lines as needed.
Who do I call when I have a problem?
If you think it is the City's problem, call us before calling a plumber.
Can the City recommend a plumber to me?
No. Please consult the yellow pages of your phone directory.
What makes homeowner's sewer stop up?
Most of the time, it is accumulated grease and roots.
Why does it take so long to fix the sewer lines?
Repair and Rehab is an ongoing, lengthy, and complicated process.
What does it mean when you say the sewer mains will be "T.V.ed"?
We will run a special camera through the lines that will give visual information on the condition of the lines.
What is happening when I see smoke coming from a manhole?
It means a smoke test is being performed to determine if there is any infiltration in a sewer line.
Can anything be done about the odor coming from manholes, etc.?
Wastewater contains naturally occurring gases and some odor is unavoidable. Every effort is made to keep these odors contained as much as possible.
Who is going to pay for property damages caused by a sewer problem?
Any customer problems are referred to our Purchasing Manager, David Cochran.
A City employee left a door hanger saying I need a clean out. What is a clean out?
A clean out is a raised stack coming from the top of a sewer service or lateral that has a retractable cap. It is at ground level and provides entrance into the direction of gravity flow for cleaning.
Where should clean outs be placed?
The clean out should be near the junction of the building drain and the building sewer.