What do you do with the wastewater when it is received at the Sewer Plant?
A man made environment is provided for the microorganisms by supplying oxygen and food. It is a natural process, taking about 10 to 12 hours, of organic decomposition. The treated water is discharged into Hurricane Creek and the sludge is thickened and eventually hauled to the Angelina County Landfill for disposal.
What actually is wastewater?
Wastewater is the domestic waste from homes within the City limits including toilets, tubs, and kitchen sinks. We also receive wastewater that is discharged from local industries.
Does it have a smell?
Untreated sewage has an odorous fecal smell when it is first received but after it is treated it has a musty, earthy type of odor. The water that is discharged into the creek has been treated and basically has no odor.
Is it ok to pour grease down my drain?
Fats, oils, and greases should never be poured down the drain. FOG’s can cause a buildup in the Wastewater pipes, causing blockages and backups and restricting the normal flow of wastewater to the Wastewater Plant. Not only is it time consuming and costly to clear the blockages, but it can also cause unsightly conditions and could cause a public health hazard. Grease is also difficult to remove at the Plant and can also cause other treatment issues as well.

Follow these links for more information about proper FOG disposal:

How do Septic Waste Haulers get permitted to bring wastewater to the Wastewater Plant?
Septic Waste Hauler Companies can call the Wastewater Plant at 936-633-0288 and request an application for a permit. The Septic Hauler must have a current registration through the TCEQ. The cost associated with this includes: $0.05/gallon along with a $5.00 lab test fee. There is also an annual permit fee of $300 for the first truck and $20 for each additional truck. Each Truck must pass an annual vehicle inspection. The hours that the Plant accepts Waste from Septic Haulers is Monday-Friday (closed on Holidays), from 8-4pm.
Does our Facility conduct Plant Tours?
The City of Lufkin Wastewater Plant does conduct guided tours of the facility. Interested groups should call and make reservations at least one week in advance of the planned tour date. The number to call is 936-633-0288.