Water Distribution Department
Phone Number: 936-633-0230
Emergency Number: 936-633-0356
after 5 p.m. daily or on weekends

The City of Lufkin Water Distribution Department maintains approximately 678 miles of water mains with 16,375 service connections and 1,321 fire hydrants. The department is responsible for supplying potable water to all residents and commercial/industrial accounts located within Lufkin and also the Burke and Fuller Springs area.

This department is responsible for making all water taps within our service area. If you need a water or sewer tap you will first have to contact the Engineering Dept at 936-633-0215. We will also locate our water mains, but cannot locate any private lines. If you have need to turn the water off to your residence or business, please remember only authorized City of Lufkin personnel are allowed to turn on/off the city side valve of a meter. You may operate your valve at the meter. If you do not have a valve you may hire a plumber to install one.

Water Distribution crews frequently are called upon to repair water leaks within the city’s water system. These can vary from a 2 inch line to a 16 inch line and larger. Leaks on the residential side of a meter must be repaired by a plumber at the owner’s expense. To report a water leak, please use the report form or call 936-633-0230.

Water Quality:
At certain times, you may notice an odor in the water. This is caused from hydrogen sulfide, a naturally occurring gas. If you notice an odor that continues to be a problem please contact the Water Distribution Dept. (936-633-0230) and someone will come out and flush the lines in your area to help alleviate the odor. If you wish to submit a complaint, you may use the The Water Quality Complaint form to do so. You may also view the latest Water Quality Report for the City of Lufkin.

2023 Water Quality Report