Water Production Plant
Phone Number: 936-633-0288
Water Treatment facilities consist of 12 wells that transfer groundwater to each of the 3 Water Treatment plants. Once this groundwater is received at our Treatment Plants, the raw water is then treated with chlorine, phosphate, and fluoride at the proper levels and stored in the Ground Storage Tanks. Booster Pumps will then transfer this treated water from the Ground Storage Tanks at the Treatment Plants to the Elevated Tanks in the Distribution System.

The full capacities of all 7 Ground Storage Tanks and 4 Elevated Tanks can store up to 14 Million Gallons of treated water. Our Water System can provide up 18.5 Million Gallons of treated water per day. The Daily Yearly Average for our Water System is 7.3 Million Gallons per day. The normal dry weather peak demand for our Water System is 13-14 Million Gallons per day.

Water Treatment Operators are certified by the TCEQ to maintain the Water Treatment facilities. The Operators ensure that the drinking water is properly treated and that all water Storage Tanks are at optimum capacities to meet the water demand of the citizens. All 3 of the Water Treatment Plants and 4 of the Wells currently have back-up Generators in case of power outages.

The Plant Operators collect 50 water quality samples monthly in our Distribution System and are brought to an independent TCEQ approved Lab for analysis. These water quality samples along with maintaining sufficient water pressures and chlorine residuals ensure a safe drinking water of adequate quantities and pressures that meet all state and federal regulations.