Solid Waste-Frequently Asked Questions

What day is regular trash pick-up?
All trash is picked on Monday or Tuesday, for your specific day, call 936-633-0281.
What day is limb/junk pick-up?
Limbs and junk are picked up by work order. The city is divided into four sections and drivers work one section a day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To schedule a pick-up, call 936-633-0281.
What do I do with paint and paint cans?
Paint that has dried is no longer hazardous waste. Allow paint to dry and then dispose of household paint in regular trash.
Does the city pick up tires? If not, what do I do with them?
No, the city does not pick up tires. If you have tires, you may take them to any tire dealer and/or the Angelina County Landfill; they will dispose of them for a fee.
How do I dispose of Hypo needles?
Hypo needles are considered part of the infectious waste stream and as such should be taken back to local hospitals or your doctor's office.  You may also place them in a 2 liter soda bottle and dispose of in the regular trash.  Please help prevent stick injuries to our employees.
What should I do if there is too much trash to go into the gray container?
Call the office at 936-633-0281 to add an additional cart for $5 a month.
Do not stack the bags beside the container; the driver will not pick them up.
Common reasons garbage is not picked up?
  • Trash cans too close together, needs to be no closer than 4 feet.
  • Trash can too full or stacked on top of container.
  • Trash piled up around container.
  • Car or other object to close to container needs to be at least 4 feet from any object.
  • Trash not out to curb by 7:00 am.
  • Trash cart handles facing street instead of towards the house.