The City of Lufkin is pleased to announce that we are now offering an upgraded version of Click2Gov for Customer Information System (CIS) which will provides the citizens of Lufkin the ability to pay their utility bills over a secure Internet connection using a credit card. Citizens can also view comprehensive, up-to-date account information, billing history, and service and consumption summaries. There is more information about Click2Gov below.


Click2Gov Benefits

  • Improves service by giving citizens real-time access to their account information at their convenience — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Provides the ability to compare service consumption over a three-year period to determine usage patterns. 
  • Improves efficiency by reducing the time customer service representatives spend answering telephone and in-office inquiries. 
  • Allows the City to meet the needs of our citizens who want information access through the Internet. 

System Features

  • Payment history — View customer payment history, including pending payments. 
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment — Enable customers to pay bills online with a major credit card. 
  • Customer account information — View customer account information, including account status and balance, last bill sent, and last payment received. 
  • Consumption summary information — Display consumption summary information for each meter, including last reading, average daily usage, and period usage. 
  • Consumption summary graphs — Generate customer consumption graphs by period for the last three years. 
  • Customer billing history — View customer billing history, including bill date, due date, balance forward, current charges, and total billed amount. 
  • Customer service summary — View customer service summary information, including the service status, the start and stop dates, and the average charge based on the previous 12 months. 
  • Service summary graphs — Display in graph format the last 12 billing amounts. 
  • Customer billing statement — View a customer billing statement that provides a detailed reading and charges for a specific bill.