collectionswindowThe Utility Collections Department handles a variety of duties related to utility service in the City of Lufkin. They are responsible for billing and collecting water,  sewer  and sanitation accounts.

Water and sewer accounts can be paid in person any time between  8:00 am and 5:00 pm, or through the Drive Thru between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm at City Hall 300 East Shepherd, room 126 or by mail, by electronic fund transfer through the customers bank, (for an application call 936-633-0254) or in the night depository located through our drive thru window.

Water,  sewer and solid waste accounts are billed monthly. The water portion of the bill is only for the water that passes  through your meter. If you use a lot of water outside or have a swimming pool it would be to your advantage for you to purchase a water only or irrigation meter. The water only meter will not, of course, have any sewer charges.

Any water leak, no matter how large or small can increase your monthly bill dramatically. The most common undetected leak can be a running toilet. If you discover a leak or notice a substantial increase in your monthly bill contact our customer service representative at 936-633-0220 or 936-633-0291 and they will be glad to assist you.

The solid waste charges on your bill are a standard set rate for residential customers. This rate will remain the same from month to month (changing only if the rate is increased). For information on your sanitation charges contact 936-633-0281.

Commercial rates may vary according to the route schedules of individual accounts. There are also separate rates for recycling. Sanitation charges applicable only to customers inside the city limits of Lufkin.

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Meter Reading

It is important to remember that easy access to the water meter is necessary in order for us to read your meter and bill your account.  Our meter readers face daily challenges when it comes to obtaining readings.  Everything from rain, mud, ants, and dogs are not unusual for the readers to deal with.  It is productive to both parties involved if property owners (or renters)  would attempt to maintain the ground around their meters.  High grass or ant mounds are the most common problems.

If you have any  questions concerning the reading on your billing the simplest solution is to turn all water off in the house, go to your meter and write down the current reading.  Subtracting the reading on your card from the reading you just obtained would show you how much water you have used since the last reading date.  You will also notice either a sweep hand or a small triangle on the face of the meter. These are your leak indicators. With the water off these two do not move, if they do move or fidget this would indicate to us that you may have a leak.  The most common leak is the toilet.  If you believe you may have a toilet leak, inform our cashier of your suspicions and they will give you a dye test packet.  This way you can make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.