Time to Register Your Fire Alarm System.

(If you have a fire alarm in your house or business that a company “monitors”
and they call 9-1-1.)

The City of Lufkin Ordinance #4037 requires all alarm systems that will prompt a response from the Lufkin Fire Department to be registered yearly. 

There is a $25 fee for the initial registration, late annual registration, and change of ownership. There is no charge for annual registration before December 31st of each year and change of contact information. Please refer to the fee chart below or call our office at 936-633-0306 if you have any questions about your need to include a fee with your registration.

Please complete the registration form below. Upon receipt of your completed form and fee we will issue a sticker to be placed on your alarm panel.

Thank you,

Ozzie Jarman
Lufkin Fire Marshal


We may send a reminder in the fall of each year but it is your responsibility to make sure your registration is received yearly.

Initial Registration $25.00 one time fee
Annual Registration (received by December 31st of each year) Free
Annual Registration (received after December 31st of each year) $25.00
Change of Contact Information Free
Change of Ownership $25.00


Resolution #4038 states that there is an escalating fee for false fire alarms. You are allowed
5 “false” alarms each calendar year without incurring a call out fee. For example, food burned in a microwave or stove that sets off the smoke alarm does not constitute a false alarm and will not be used as one of the 5 “free” alarms unless it is a nuisance alarm (goes off often because it is too sensitive or is placed too close to the kitchen area.)