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Applications are also available at Lufkin City Hall, 300 E. Shepherd, Atrium, Lufkin, Texas 75901. Applications may be submitted online, or delivered in person at the previous address or faxed to 936-633-0408.

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The City of Lufkin, Texas will be administering an entrance examination for
Civil Service Police Officer at 1:00 P.M. on Friday, September 9, 2022
The location of this examination will be at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center, 601 N. Second St., Lufkin, Texas, 75901. 

No late arrivals will be allowed to test.

 All individuals who are interested in taking the entrance exam for possible employment with the City of Lufkin Police Department must complete a City of Lufkin Personal Information form. You can also fill out a paper version at City of Lufkin Human Resources Dept., 300 E. Shepherd St., Room 226, Lufkin, Texas 75901.  Completed forms must be received by 5:00 PM, August 19, 2022 by email:,  mail:  P.O. Drawer 190,  Lufkin, Texas 75902-0190 or in  the Human Resources Department of the City of Lufkin.

You must present a valid driver’s license at the time of the test.

Individuals who have served in the military and desire to have an additional five (5) points added to their passing score (70), must provide proof that they have an honorable discharge from active duty service of 180 days or more in the United States armed forces.  Applicants must submit a copy of their DD214 that states “honorable discharge” from Active Duty service along with their City of Lufkin Personal Information form by 5:00 PM, August 19, 2022.

No experience required

Age:  You must be 21 yrs. of age.  There is no upper age limit
Education: High School diploma or equivalent
Starting pay: $50k annually
Lateral entry available for experienced officers.
LPD salary range: $50k to $101k + special assignment pay

The results of this examination will establish an eligibility list which will remain in effect for twelve months or until such time as the list is exhausted.

All applicants scoring 70 or above on the examination will be tested for physical agility. Bring appropriate clothing for the agility testing (shorts, tennis shoes, t-shirt, etc.).  The physical fitness standards exam consists of one physical exam.  The test and its time restrictions is as follows:
2000 Meter Row on Concept 2 Row Machine.  Time is based on age and weight and can be determined by using the DPS fitness standard calculator.   Times are based on 50% maximum on level 5 of the Concept 2 Rower.

Posted: July 14, 2022
Brittany Semien
Human Resource Assistant
City of Lufkin, Texas


  • Collect tickets for admission
  • Reconcile daily monetary amounts collected with number of classification of paying Zoo visitors
  • Secure Zoo gates at beginning and end of each day
  • Meet and greet Zoo patrons
  • Answer and route incoming phone calls
  • Provide back-up assistance in the gift shop/concessions as required
  • Required to provide clerical support

Questionnaire must be completed and submitted with application.
Open Until Filled

ELLEN TROUT ZOO - Collection Manager
Zoo collection manager

Duties include
  • Supervising and mentoring subordinates with their duties
  • Responsible for the overall daily care of various mammals, birds, reptiles, plants, enclosures, and support facilities
  • Cleaning, feeding, exhibit upkeep, exhibit associated landscaping, breeding Programs
  • Record keeping, report writing and other aspects of the professional care of wild animals
  • Ability to work independently and use initiative
  • Maintain accurate records, and write meaningful reports
  • Be flexible and adaptable to working within the framework of a small zoo
  • Have a respect for animals with a professional attitude about the work
  • Work as a team member for the benefit of the animals
  • Requires standing, stooping, sitting, twisting, walking and lifting of feed sacks and hay bales (minimum of 25-70 pounds)

Employees are required to contribute 7% (pre-tax) to the retirement fund through payroll deduction
Scheduled Work Days:  Varies
Scheduled Work Hours:  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

ELLEN TROUT ZOO - Maintenance Worker
Zoo Maintentance

  • Grounds maintenance
  • Gardening/landscaping
  • Building maintenance, construction, and carpentry
  • Plumbing and minor electrical repair
  • Preventative maintenance to vehicles and equipment
  • Pest control and janitorial duties

 Questionnaire must be completed and submitted with application

Open Until Filled


Duties include, but are not limited, to
  • Preside over Municipal Court for all class C Misdemeanors, City matters, criminal jury and non-jury trials, pre-trial conferences, truancy cases and other cases appropriately tried in Municipal Court.
  • Maintain a central docket of all cases filed in the City of Lufkin
  • Supervise the administration of juror notification and direct jurors in trial cases on their role in the interpretation and application of law.
  • Be available to review and/or sign complaints, summons, subpoenas, affidavits for search and arrest warrants, appeal bonds, etc.
  • Conduct hearings (including property, truancy, code enforcement, dangerous dog, etc.).
  • Issue warrants, summons, magistrate warnings, etc.
  • Collaborate with the City Manager and City Council to establish judge specific performance benchmarks regarding the effectiveness and productivity of the court.
PARKS AND RECREATION - Athletic Coordinator

  • Supervises and coordinates activities for persons engaged in athletic programs
  • Works directly with coaches, player, participants, and the public
  • Develop, organize, promote, and administer coaches meetings
  • Respond to public inquiries about athletic programs made by telephone, correspondence, or during public meetings
  • Aides and is responsible for the setup of individual and team athletic registration
  • Works directly with the public on a day to day basis
  • Interprets and administers city rules and regulations
  • Performs a variety of miscellaneous duties such as answering phone, typing correspondence, running errands, picking up supplies needed for activities
  • Assist with marketing and promotional information including printed material, press releases, and participates in public speaking opportunities
  • Performs other related duties as required
  • Ability to work with the public in a tactful manner
    Flexible work schedule to meet the needs of sporting events
  • Attend coaches and board meeting
  • Good Knowledge of city policies, sports handbook league rules

Questionnaire must be completed and submitted with application.

Open Until Filled

PARKS AND RECREATION - Concession Stand Workers
Pay: $8.00 per hour
This is a part time position. There are no guaranteed number of hours or 
days for this position. Employees are assigned shifts as needed.

The City of Lufkin is accepting applications for sports complex concession stand workers. Applications are kept on file until positions are available.

  • Must be 16 years of age or older
  • 16-18 year olds must have written parental/guardian consent
  • Must be able to lift items weighing 10 pounds and less
  • Ability to walk, stand, bend, stoop


  • Ability to work varied hours including evenings and weekends until 10:30 PM
  • Experience with concession stand, cooking, food-handling preferred
  • Must be able to balance a cash drawer and make change

Click here to submit a job application online.
Human Resources Department, Lufkin City Hall
300 E. Shepherd Ave., Suite 226, Lufkin, TX 75901 
FAX 936-633-0408, email:

Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Equal Opportunity Employer

PARKS AND RECREATION - League Supervisor
  • Ability to work with the public in a tactful manner
  • Flexible work schedule to meet the needs of sporting events
  • Good Knowledge of city policies, sports handbook league rules
  • Ability to layout playing fields and courts
  • Supervises sporting events for the City’s Parks and Recreation Department
  • Provides support for officials
  • Supervises players, scorekeepers and spectators as needed
  • Responsible for supervising and enforcing players’ suspensions
  • Responsible for opening and closing sports complexes

Questionnaire must be completed and submitted with application.
Open Until Filled

POLICE DEPARTMENT - Communications Operator (Dispatch)

Dispatch hiring


APPLY NOW - make sure that you select: POLICE DEPARTMENT - Communications Operator (Dispatch)
$38k ($18.44/hr.)
Yearly step raises to $44k ($21.37/hr.)
Overtime opportunities

  • Dispatches police, fire/rescue, and after-hours city services.
  • Monitors and coordinates telephone, radio, and teletype communications between unit personnel and among the general public, as well as non-emergency situations.
  • Position is responsible for receiving, processing, and disseminating information in an accurate and timely manner to provide an expeditious response to emergency situations.
  • Performs considerable record maintenance functions requiring specialized knowledge of departmental rules and regulations and apply acute attention to detail.
  • Answer a multi-line phone system for both emergency and non-emergency calls.
  • Acquire information and assess the circumstances, reassures the victim or caller, gathers required information and dispatches information to appropriate units.
  • Operate a multi-channel radio system and simultaneously input, retrieve, listen to and comprehend 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls and radio traffic while reading from both computer screens and printouts;
  • Receives and transmits pertinent information on all calls for services including those in progress
  • Monitors activities of Police, Fire and other emergency medical services
  • Maintains the location and call status of all emergency units.
  • Maintain communications with unit personnel in the field in order to conduct computerized searches through local, state and national databases;
  • Confirms stolen property and wanted/missing persons as well as enter data and operate computer terminals with specialized access through various automated data banks.
  • Maintain records and data for items such as warrants, missing persons, stolen property and emergency protection orders by confirming information is correct, entering and modifying information in the database and clearing information as applicable.
  • Comprehend and apply City Ordinances, city, and departmental policies and procedures as well as adhere strictly to the Department General Orders;
  • Communicate courteously and clearly, verbally and in writing
  • Required to report for work punctually, work all scheduled hours, including shift work, weekends, holidays and any required overtime as deemed necessary.
  • Regular and consistent attendance for the assigned work hours is essential.
We also have EXCELLENT benefits (health, dental, life, etc.) with BCBS health plans starting at:
$75 employee/monthly
$170 employee + children/monthly
$315 employee + spouse/monthly
$375 employee + family/monthly
20-year retirement at any age through TMRS
Vacation, sick days, longevity pay, 11 paid holidays
$40 per month cleaning allowance
Certificate pay

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • A normal volume speaking voice
  • Speak English fluently
  • Must have 20/40 eyesight (corrected)
  • Applicant must be able to work different shifts
  • Must be able to thrive in a hectic/fast paced atmosphere
  • Live within 30 minutes of the Lufkin Police Department
  • High school diploma/GED
  • Type 40 words per minute corrected
  • Pass an employment physical examination, which includes an audiological (hearing) test. Hearing range of 30 or more decibels, and frequency range of 250-3000 hertz in both ears.
  • Pass two state licensing courses and the state licensing test for Telecommunications within the first year of employment.
  • Candidates are required to successfully pass a polygraph test and complete a background investigation check.
STREET-DEPARTMENT_Crew-Leader-III_2022-07-26 - Copy

  • Supervisory duties involving the coordination of crews engaged in the repair and maintenance of streets, drainage structures, and ROWS. Perform related work as required
  • Operation of tools, equipment and material used in the Street Department (i.e paving equipment, trackhoe, dozer, dump truck etc.)
  • Form, pour & finish concrete

Questionnaire must be completed  and submitted with application.
Open Until Filled


Mon - Fri, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Operation of heavy trucks and trailers used in the construction and maintenance of city streets
  • Transports materials for the construction and maintenance of city streets
  • Provides labor as needed including jack hammer, asphalt rake and shoveling
  • Maintains daily records including loads of materials transported to and from each job site.
  • Cleans culverts and drains during flood conditions
  • Assists in cutting overhanging limbs
  • Inspects detention ponds and creeks for required maintenance

Questionnaire must be completed and submitted with application.

Open Until Filled

WATER & SEWER - Heavy Equipment Operator
Heavy equipment operator

Duties/Responsibilities Include:

  • Performs skilled and semi-skilled general labor, maintenance and repair work
  • Operates a variety of motorized/specialized equipment and vehicles for construction, repair and maintenance.  Ex: backhoes, bulldozers and excavators
  • Maintains City’s water and sewer systems, infrastructure, facilities and grounds, in accordance with all safety regulations and procedures
  • Hauls materials and transports vehicles and equipment to job sites.
  • Inspects, cleans and performs routine maintenance on vehicles and equipment.
  • Completes required daily logs and reports
  • Assignment to on-call schedule as departmental needs/operation necessitate
  • Lead a crew in the absence of the foreman

Questionnaire must be completed and submitted with application.
Open Until Filled

WATER & SEWER - Light Equipment Operator
Light equipment operator