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Looking for employment opportunities in Lufkin, Texas? Discover exciting career prospects with the City of Lufkin. Whether you're seeking administrative roles, public service positions, or specialized career paths, we invite you to explore our available job vacancies.

To apply, access our online application portal or visit us in person at Lufkin City Hall, conveniently located at 300 E. Shepherd, Atrium, Lufkin, Texas 75901. Alternatively, you can fax your application to 936-633-0408.

Stay updated on the latest job postings by checking the bulletin board inside the Atrium at City Hall or by visiting our website. Please note that a separate application is required for each position applied for, and we only accept applications for currently advertised jobs.

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Now Hiring:

CIVIL SERVICE TESTING ANNOUNCEMENT - Firefighter Entrance Examination
All individuals who are interested in taking the entrance exam for possible employment with the City of Lufkin Fire Department must complete a City of Lufkin Personal Information Form which is available HERE or City of Lufkin Human Resources Dept., 300 E. Shepherd St., Room 226, Lufkin, Texas 75901. Completed forms must be received by 5:00 PM, Friday, August 2, 2024.
Email:, Mail: P.O. Drawer 190, Lufkin, Texas 75902-0190 or deliver to the Human Resources Department of the City of Lufkin.

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Must be able to pass a polygraph test, department interview and drug screen

ADMINISTRATION - Assistant City Manager
The Assistant City Manager performs highly responsible administrative work involved in 
planning, directing, and managing the assigned departments, and serves a key role in ensuring excellent customer service is provided.


  • Serves as a member of the Leadership Team Develops and recommends program initiatives
  • Manages special projects
  • Carries out the City Manager’s policy directives
  • Actively supports economic development
  • Assists with preparation of city budget Maintain City financial integrity & service levels
  • Develops and administers personnel policies
  • Maintains working relationship with the public
  • Stays abreast of legislative initiatives
  • Monitors progress toward fiscal objectives
  • Manages performance of department heads



ANIMAL SERVICES - Animal Care Associate
Performs all aspects of humane animal care duties to ensure animal safety and well-being and provides quality customer service by providing the public with assistance and accurate information regarding Animal Services’ policies, program, and procedures.

  • Cleans, disinfects, and maintains shelter area as assigned.
  • Feeds, water, bathes, dips, and exercises animals. Provides humane sheltering services in compliance with State Minimum standards and shelter policies.
  • Safely and humanely handle animals of unknown health and temperament.
  • Assists in monitoring the medical/behavioral status of animals and performs related health care activities.
  • Must be able to perform euthanasia as a function of shelter operations.
  • Ensures the safety of animals and people in the shelter.
  • Accurately maintains all required records in the shelter’s database.
  • Provide information to the public.
  • Transfers animals between kennels and cages using proper handling procedures.
  • Interface with the public and respond to citizen inquiries and concerns.
  • May supervise the work assigned to community service workers.
  • Other duties as assigned.

ELLEN TROUT ZOO - Collection Manager - Reptiles
A pivotal member of the City’s Zoo Department, assuming a leadership role in overseeing the management and care of the reptile collection within the zoo. This position involves supervising staff, coordinating daily operations, implementing
husbandry practices, and collaborating with veterinary professionals and conservation partners to ensure the health, welfare, and conservation of all reptile species. This individual plays a crucial role in advancing the zoo’s mission of education, conservation, and public engagement related to reptilian wildlife.

  • Oversee the daily care, feeding, and husbandry practices for the reptile collection, ensuring the health and well-being of all reptiles under your care.
  • Develop and implement enrichment programs to promote natural behaviors and mental stimulation for reptiles in the collection, including environmental enrichment and training exercise.
  • Work closely with zoo veterinarians to monitor the health of reptiles, coordinate medical treatments, and implement preventive health care measures as needed.
  • Develop and implement breeding programs for endangered or threatened reptile species within the collection, coordinating with regional and national breeding programs as applicable.
  • Collaborate with exhibit designers and maintenance staff to ensure reptile exhibits are well-designed, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, with appropriate enrichment and habitat features.
  • Maintain accurate records of animal care, behavior, and medical history using the zoo’s database systems, and ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Participate in public presentations, educational programs, and behind-the-scenes tours to engage and educate zoo visitors about reptiles, conservation, and wildlife issues.
  • Collaborate with researchers, conservation groups, and academic institutions on reptile-related research and conservation projects.
  • Other duties as assigned.


ELLEN TROUT ZOO - Veterinarian
This individual plays a critical role in ensuring the health and well-being of animals housed within the city's zoo. This position involves providing veterinary care, medical treatment, and preventive health management to a diverse collection of exotic and native species, as well as collaborating with zoo staff to promote animal welfare, conservation, and public education efforts.

  • Provide medical care, including preventive medicine, diagnostics, treatment, and surgery, for a wide variety of zoo animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • Respond to emergencies and medical crises involving zoo animals, providing immediate veterinary care and stabilization as needed.
  • Develop and implement disease control and prevention protocols to minimize the risk of infectious diseases spreading within the zoo population.
  • Collaborate with zookeepers, curators, and other zoo staff to develop and implement animal care protocols, enrichment programs, and habitat designs that promote animal welfare.
  • Maintain accurate medical records for all zoo animals, including health histories, treatment plans, and diagnostic results, using the zoo's electronic medical records system.
  • Monitor and maintain veterinary equipment and apparatus, ensuring they are in proper working order for the diagnosis and treatment of animals.
  • Stay abreast of current veterinary research, best practices, and advances in exotic and wildlife medicine through continuing education, conferences, and professional development opportunities.
  • Other duties as assigned.


ELLEN TROUT ZOO - Veterinarian Technician
Provides essential support to the Zoo Veterinarian in delivering medical care to the zoo’s diverse animal collection. With specialized training in veterinary technology and a passion for animal welfare, the Zoo Veterinary Technician assists in medical procedures, administers treatments, and ensures the well-being of zoo animals. Through their dedication and expertise, they play a crucial role in maintaining the health, safety, and welfare of the zoo’s animal inhabitants, while also contributing to the zoo’s mission of wildlife conservation and public education.

  • Assist the Zoo Veterinarian during medical procedures, surgeries, and examinations, including preparing equipment, monitoring anesthesia, and providing technical support.
  • Administer medications, fluids, and treatments to zoo animals as directed by the Zoo Veterinarian and monitor their response to treatment.
  • Assist with diagnostic procedures, including radiography, ultrasonography, blood collection, and laboratory testing, and prepare samples for analysis.
  • Maintain accurate medical records for all zoo animals, including documenting treatment, procedures, and observations in the zoo’s electronic medical records system.
  • Provide support to zookeepers and animal care staff in the daily care and husbandry of zoo animals, including feeding, cleaning, and enrichment activities.
  • Assist with emergency medical situations involving zoo animals, providing immediate care and assistance as directed by the Zoo Veterinarian.
  • Ensure that veterinary equipment and supplies are properly maintained, cleaned, and sterilized, and maintain an inventory of medical supplies.
  • Educate zoo visitors about the role of veterinary technicians in animal care and conservation, and answer questions about zoo animals and their health.
  • Other duties as assigned.


The Graduate Engineer will assist with current and long-term planning, engineering, development, and capital improvement activities. Strong intrapersonal relationship skills are required along with a strong desire to succeed and grow a career as an engineer.

  • Review, read, and interpret public and private sector plans and specifications for compliance with City, State, and Federal Requirements and for quality assurance.
  • Develop construction documents for transportation, utility, and site development projects.
  • Perform project design calculations in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.
  • Coordinate project tasks with surveyors, engineering technicians, construction inspectors, and suppliers.
  • Manage the construction phase of Capital Improvement Projects; prepare and review contract documents; review contractor submittals and ensure work is completed per design and specifications.
  • Review and compose drainage reports for private and public developments.
  • Supports the private development process by working with developers, consultants, and general contractors.
  • Provide input for recommendations that impact the Capital Improvement Project Budget and the Operations & Maintenance Budget.
  • Responds to citizen inquiries and complaints, as needed.
  • Develop and enhance strong personal relationships with utility companies, clients, contractors, city staff, and other government officials.
  • Develop proficiency working within AutoCAD.
  • Perform quality take-offs and develop cost estimates.
  • Performs quality control reviews on self-work and work performed by others.
  • Identify opportunities to improve work0flow and efficiencies within the Department.
  • Promptly acknowledge concerns and requests with verbal and/or written responses.
  • Perform other various engineering tasks as required or as requested by the City Engineer.

The Library Director is responsible for providing visionary leadership, strategic direction, and operational management to ensure the delivery of high-quality library services and programs to the community. This position requires strong leadership skills, a passion for library services, and the ability to foster innovation and collaboration to meet the evolving needs of patrons.

REQUIRED: Cover Letter & Resume


  • Provide visionary leadership and strategic direction for the library department in alignment with the mission, goals, and values of the city.
  • Act as city’s liaison to provide information/data regarding the library’s operations to the Kurth Memorial Library Board.
  • Develop and implement policies, procedures, and initiatives to enhance library services, programs, collections, and facilities.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the library including budgeting, financial management, staffing, facilities management, and technology infrastructure.
  • Recruit, hire, train, supervise, and evaluate library staff to build a skilled and motivated team dedicated to delivering excellent customer service.
  • Oversee the development and management of library collections.
  • Foster community engagement and partnerships and advocate for the library and its role in the community.
  • Stay informed about emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in library science, education, and community engagement, and provide leadership on implementing innovative approaches and solutions.
  • Represent the library at city council meetings, community forums, professional conferences, and other public events.
  • Collaborate with other city departments, library consortia, regional library networks, and state and national library associations to leverage resources, share expertise, and advocate for library interests at the local, regional, and state levels.
  • Other duties as assigned.


PARKS AND RECREATION - Concession Stand Workers
The City of Lufkin is accepting applications for sports complex concession stand workers. Applications are kept on file until positions are available.

  • Ability to work varied hours including evenings and weekends until 10:30 PM
  • Experience with concession stand, cooking, food-handling preferred
  • Must be able to balance a cash drawer and make change



POLICE DEPARTMENT - Communications Operator (911 Dispatcher)
Dispatches police, fire/rescue, and after-hours city services.

  • Answer both emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Acquire information and assess the circumstances
  • Operate a multi-channel radio system
  • Receive and transmit pertinent information on calls
  • Monitor activities of emergency services
  • Maintain location and call status of all emergency units
  • Confirms stolen property and wanted/missing persons
  • Maintain records and data for items such as warrants
  • Comprehend and apply City Ordinances and policies
  • Communicate courteously and clearly



WATER & SEWER DEPARTMENT - Lift Station Operator
Contributes to the environmental protection and public health of citizens through operating, maintaining, and repairing of lift stations throughout the city’s wastewater collection system.

  • Operate and monitor lift station equipment, including pumps, motors, valves, and control panels, to ensure efficient and reliable operation.
  • Monitor lift station performance indicators, such as flow rates, pump status, and alarm notifications, and take appropriate action to address any abnormalities or malfunctions.
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks on lift station equipment, such as lubricating bearings, inspecting seals, and cleaning screens and filters, to prevent breakdowns and prolong equipment lifespan.
  • Conduct periodic inspections of lit station components, including floats, switches, and electrical connections, and make adjustments or repairs as necessary.
  • Respond to emergency situations, such as power outages, equipment failures, or sewer backups, and take immediate action to minimize disruptions and prevent property damage.
  • Coordinate with other departmental staff, contractors, and emergency response to address critical issues and restore lift station functionality as quickly as possible.
  • Maintain accurate records of lift station operations, maintenance activities, and equipment inventory using electronic databases and paper logbooks.
  • Prepare reports documenting equipment performance, maintenance schedules, and repair histories for review by departmental management.
  • Adhere to safety protocols and procedures while operating lift station equipment and performing maintenance tasks.
  • Ensure that all work activities comply with applicable safety regulations, including lockout/tagout procedures, confined space entry requirements, and personal protective equipment (PPE) usage.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The Mechanic position within the Wastewater Treatment Plant department involves maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting mechanical equipment essential for the efficient operation of the treatment plant. Responsibilities include conducting routine inspections, diagnosing malfunctions, performing preventive maintenance, and collaborating with team members to ensure continuous functionality of machinery critical to wastewater treatment processes.

  • Perform scheduled maintenance tasks on mechanical equipment to prevent breakdowns and ensure optimal performance.
  • Conduct diagnostic tests to identify mechanical issues and develop effective repair strategies to minimize downtime.
  • Execute repairs and replacement of faulty components, following safety protocols and equipment specifications.
  • Assist in the installation of new equipment and modifications to existing machinery, coordinating with contractors and other departments as needed.
  • Document maintenance activities, including inspections, repairs, and parts inventory, for record-keeping and compliance purposes.
  • Collaborate with other plant personnel, to troubleshoot complex mechanical problems and optimize system performance.
  • Adhere to all safety regulations and procedures, including lockout/tagout protocols, personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, and hazardous materials handling, to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Stay updated on industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices related to wastewater treatment equipment and maintenance techniques through training and professional development opportunities.
  • Other duties as assigned.


The Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent is responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant to ensure it’s in compliance with the regulatory procedures and reporting practices.

  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of activated sludge treatment facility with a permitted average flow of 11.3 MGD.
  • Manage a team of 18 employees including operators, technicians, and administrative staff.
  • Develop and implement operational and maintenance process control strategies to optimize plant performance and reduce cost.
  • Manage plant’s budget, ensuring that all expenditures are within budget and that resources are used efficiently and for operational use only.
  • Identify long-term plant goals and objectives and develop strategies to achieve them

WATER & SEWER - Crew Leader II
Responsible for leading a team of workers engaged in the maintenance, repair, and construction of water and sewer infrastructure.

  • Assign tasks and responsibilities to crew members.
  • Ensure that work is performed efficiently
  • Maintain accurate records of work performed
  • Provide training to crew members
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning
  • Ensure that all equipment is in good working condition
  • Conduct inspections to ensure the quality of workmanship
  • Communicate effectively with team members
  • Identify and address issues
  • Collaborate with other departments
  • Enforce safety protocols and guidelines
  • Investigate and report any accidents or incidents

WATER & SEWER UTILITIES - Heavy Equipment Operator
A Heavy Equipment Operator for the Water & Sewer Utilities Department performs work involving the operation of large or heavy equipment such as, but not limited to: backhoes, bulldozers, trackhoes, dump trucks, mini excavators, jet machines and trenchers.

  • General labor, maintenance and repair work
  • Operates motorized/specialized equipment and vehicles
  • Maintains City’s water, sewer systems, & infrastructure

WATER & SEWER UTILITIES - Light Equipment Operator
A Light Equipment Operator for the Water & Sewer Department is responsible for operating and maintaining various types of light machinery and equipment.

  • Perform skilled and semi-skilled general labor
  • Operate motorized/specialized equipment
  • Maintain the City’s water and sewer systems
  • Transport material, vehicles, and equipment
  • Perform maintenance on vehicles & equipment
  • Complete required daily logs and reports
  • Is assigned to an on-call schedule as needed
  • Perform various other duties as assigned