With the continued triple-digit temperatures, low humidity, and winds our area is ripe for devastating fires. Remember we are under a burn ban. Also, make sure if you are towing a trailer that you keep the safety chains up away from the roadway and use extreme caution if you drive off the road as your exhaust can quickly start a fire.


WILDFIRE THREAT: The City of Lufkin would like to take a moment to remind citizens that our area is under extreme wildfire danger due to continued drought conditions.
A group of Lufkin firefighters who were sent on a TIFMAS deployment experienced the extreme conditions while battling an apartment fire outside Austin this week, according to Lufkin Fire Chief Jesse Moody.
“The fire jumped apartment complexes and turned into a 120-acre grass fire because of the heat,” Moody said. “Anything that catches on fire right now will grow exponentially.”
With Lufkin’s drought index nearing that of the Austin area, it remains critically important for citizens to respect the burn ban enacted for the next 60 days with no outdoor burning.
We also ask that citizens be mindful of other fire dangers including discarded cigarette butts, driving, parking, or idling in dry or tall grass, and sparks from trailer tow chains. If you see a motorist creating sparks, please do what you can to notify them, or get their license plate number and report it to local law enforcement immediately.
Wildfires or fire hazards can be reported locally at 936-633-0356 or 911 in emergency situations.