Lufkin Forward Downtown Improvement Project design concept 
(Design concept by Goodwin/Lasiter/Strong) 

The Lufkin Forward Downtown Improvement Project is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks, aiming to enhance the area’s infrastructure, accessibility, and overall appeal for residents and visitors alike.

Lufkin City Council on Tuesday evening awarded the project to Langston Construction with a budget of $2.31 million.

The project encompasses several key components:

Sidewalk Enhancements: Enhancements along First Street, E. Shepherd Avenue, and Lufkin Avenue will be undertaken to improve accessibility for pedestrians. These improvements will include repairs, widening, and the installation of ADA-compliant features to ensure safe and convenient passage for all members of the community.

Landscaping and Lighting Improvements: The project will also include enhancements to landscaping and lighting throughout the downtown area. Beautification efforts will enhance the appeal of public spaces, while improved lighting will enhance safety and security for pedestrians and visitors, particularly during evening hours.

Completion of the project, which was designed by Goodwin/Lasiter/Strong, is expected by late summer, according to Lufkin Economic Development Corporation Director Bob Samford.

"We are happy to announce the commencement of the Lufkin Forward Downtown Project, a significant investment in the future of our community," Samford said. "This initiative underscores our dedication to fostering a vibrant, accessible downtown area that reflects the unique character and spirit of Lufkin. We look forward to the positive impact these enhancements will have on residents, businesses, and visitors alike."

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